Pandito Khambo Lama’s opinion about the Address of the President of Russia
Federal message of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev did not leave relaxed anybody. Took part in this important event The Pandito Hambo Lama Damba Ayusheyev shares with his thoughts about the message:
Zaluushulai Ubelei Naadam
On December 18th, 2011 in the Palace of Wrestling1 on the Verkhnaya Beryozovka under the patronage of Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia will take place the traditional tournament «Zaluushulai Ubelei Naadam ». Tournament includes three weight categories up to 63, up to 75 and over 75 kg.



The Message of Pandito Khambo Lama Dashi Dorzho Itigelov


The Message of Pandito Khambo Lama Dashi Dorzho Itigelov
The one who is blessed by the Three Jewels of the never-to-be-forgotten Lama,
Can perfect the mind safely and constantly,
Creating an opportunity for the ten important meetings.
The wealth of a young friend lies only in the early accumulation of benefactions.
Seeing Gold Mount Sumeru is like meeting the Five Skandhas.
Don't you suffer? Is your very precious body at rest?
Be pure in the ocean of dirt of the dangerous and dark time,
Like the Flower of the Five Skandhas, which, just like a spreading tree, firmly holds the ground that it came from.
Your five light and kind aspirations – aren't they touched by frost and hail?
With these words I give the Teaching for remembrance and preservation!
It is difficult to find the one who has found a human precious free belief!
It is difficult to meet the one who has met the Precious Teaching of the Buddha!
It is difficult to see and talk with the local master - Ochirdari Lama!!!
Giving oneself over to the deception of the acts that are dangerous to life,
Having reached the limit of this life and walking with a light heart,
Hurried forward by the Red Energy of the Karma,
And led to the meeting with the Master of Death.
When you leave for the next world all alone,
All your wealth, your kin, your loved ones, your close ones,
Will stay home and won’t follow you.
These riches mindlessly collected and saved,
Will turn into peculiar poison and will be of no use,
Thus, all previous Buddhas taught.
After studying terrestrial life passionlessly, start from today
The Practice of Ten Benefactions – start without delay!!!
There is no more anything special in my final message,
Given when I am still staying in this life.

Translated from Classical Mongolian by Pandito Khambo Lama the XXIVth Damba Ayusheev

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